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Cakes, pies, and the choices we can’t make

You sit alone in a dark room. There is no light. A smell playfully teases your nostrils. Whatever it is, it’s sweet and overbearing. You vacillate back and forth between the questions of where you are, are you in danger, and what heavenly concoction could possibly be filling up your airways. Just as you are … Continue reading

Be still, my boy, be still

With a finger tapping on the dust-speckled dashboard, you drive onward to a destination only you care to know. The radio is playing, but it is not the sound of the guitar or piano rhythmically coalescing together that is making you hum stupidly. Instead, it is the pinholes of devotion you hang onto. Somehow, they … Continue reading

Mustard seeds

Silly old me. I cannot appreciate movies because the appreciation goes to the wrong place. You can bet your ass that when it comes to the silver screen, the fame and fortune always goes to some actor Joe Blow. He’s got a great smile. Killer abs. Solves most of the worlds problems all under one … Continue reading


Strangers. “Hi.” “Hello.” “You…” “Yes?” “Nothing.” “But…” “Nothing.” “Just…” “Familiar.” “Oh.” “Yes.” “Who?” “Nobody.” “Okay.” “Yup.” Silence. “So.” “So.” “Familiar?” “Stop.” “Why?” “Because.” “Face?” “No.” “Arms?” “No.” “Legs?” “Maybe.” “And?” “Something.” “What?” “Wife.” “Where?” “Nowhere.”` “Alive?” “Stop.” “Oh.” Silence. “Weather?” “Bad.” “Worse.” “Terrible.” “Indeed.” Silence. “Sports?” “No.” “Politics?” “No” “Anything?” “Yes.” “What?” “You.” “Sorry?” “You.” … Continue reading

God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut

I have a boner for a man. A dead man. But in these days and times, sexually urging for a man, even a dead one, is not something to be ashamed of. Besides if you knew this man, you would have one too. This is because he is a true master of seduction, luring people … Continue reading