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it was a lonely dirt path that was lost for a long while but that led curved and cornered to an ocean that was bent on slowly gobbling it away * after you all love will be plagiarized * we will be willed forever until the end which of course makes no sense but that … Continue reading


i still address the past like an old friend who does not remember me and the bits of i i left dressed in them and the stillness we shared once we moved apart * he needs love (i am him) (i am need) (i am love) * all you need is needing all of you … Continue reading


i suppose it was supposed to be me who loved you without much suppositions   but i doubted i * all of us are going through too much and one day i am sure we will breathe easy like the summer until we remember that there were those unsure of these sun-steeped days and who … Continue reading

hear calm

come here nuzzle your tired head that is heavy after the guillotine of thoughtless others who wanted too much of you from you come here with your need to talk about the universe and how it doesn’t talk back to you come here full of insecurities and doubts and hopes and dreams and bone that … Continue reading

bone and bliss

the following is a trend that rends an end. * you are nothing more than a taped together collection of meat and bone and bliss and smiles and stars that passed into more than nothing found in you are you are you are * i cannot understand why i always walk away from horizons instead … Continue reading


at the end of the day you will have to feel some way so why not feel as though you can feel no more that you are spent and exhausted with yourself that you are at the end that you can only ask why why why and then again you go on again and again … Continue reading

autumn flowering

the following is typical trash made worse by the fact i trashed the type. * summer recedes into the horizon and i am alone for even the leaves fall as flowers that eventually hide into the ground where i will wish to lay on greener pastures surrounded by others in the final empty barroom of … Continue reading


the following are a sneeze of words that might stick if you are sick enough and need healing. * i want to give you my all but all of it has been given to a different wantless you * don’t become those who made you come to be don’t * no one lives for all … Continue reading


i will admit that i am broken but at least i still took a walk this morning and saw a little bit of sun and listened to a coworker tell me about problems back home and rode the subway to the silence of strangers who could just be as sad as me if they look … Continue reading

do it

kill softly with generosity so that when they come in the always that creeps ahead with their mouths in hungry lolls and eyes desolate in other yous and their knees dirty from prayer and the gardening afterwards when they still remain empty you will open your arms with a hug for all a hug that … Continue reading