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lead the follower

the following is motivational fodder so as to motivate itself into something more. let it lead feeds. * we were never meant to be common to blur into the unseeing comet that circles when it could crash into a world that has forgotten that it was made from our force and our knowing that there … Continue reading


i understand you must reinterpret this world into yours to bridge the distance between the planets or just our arms which could be hugging but instead are supine as though from the first and last instance of solely human flight and stiffly cowardly trying to close the space between the single meaning and all of … Continue reading

dance dance dance dance

when you are alone know it could be worse for you could be a lone the suffocating space in between not knowing you could compound something together like the sun’s outstretched fingers tickling the land for one last laugh that will consume the sky with a day never yet seen not because of history rambling … Continue reading

84 year long dash

death is a memory of the nothing again where you watch the universe laugh against your fading tickling touch like the sun that spreads fingers onto the land onto you a piece of the land who is going back home to the place where no one has yet complained with your fingers clenched into night … Continue reading


most of politics are rich people telling poor people that other poor people are stopping yet other poor people from being rich people who might pour the same into people once they have reached politics * say it say it tell my legacy to the sun who knows it alone and night who understands it … Continue reading

dab bad

the following is ruinous and rattles stars to look away and perhaps that dread is exactly the point of continuing. * the man dressed and with a cane found me in a forest and told me i needed to make something of myself for i was wasting potential there naked and homeless and i said … Continue reading

straight to the waist

we need you the dead to remind us of our connection to the living earth * the day deadens into another like a bad but continuous date flirting for a night that lightens underneath heavy covers and kissing toes where among summer somebodies who hold winter in their pants despite remaining pantless with flowers embroidered … Continue reading

the tiny bang

antiparticles scratching at my door trying to get inside to tell me that they exist if i ever wanted to give them a chance instead of working with half my life already over and wedged into the small corner of masturbation and home where i felt like i needed not to look for home anymore … Continue reading


promise taints optimism because some words were willed before my throat before my stomach knew how to digest a pregnant b aching in ascension a long l which could be an i or an one or just a line that draws me closer to you if it were a bridge though it is probably a … Continue reading

from from

to the brother i will never be to the cousin i never was to the janitor that i might’ve been if my brother wasn’t so close with his cousins there are stories i need to tell you like there is still a thing in nothing or so my father clicked after a ninth playing inside … Continue reading