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a happiness checklist

did you eat vegetables sleep on a good mattress remind yourself on nights like this that she is not coming back did you move to music you don’t know go to the beach three times in the summer sit under hungry waves where it is most dangerous then swim above where others have not did … Continue reading

never forever

the following is the word to describe a cookie when it is already chewed, salivated, and lobbed in your throat, blocking the word. * we are whenever we are   we are wherever we are   we are whatever we are   however we are we not much longer * my parents made me how … Continue reading


i no longer think of you which is to say i do and wanted to say you again which is to say i say it too much like when i remember the sunlight weeping across your hands on the first day we laid together in a garden filled with flowers that never grew like when … Continue reading

not still

the following is isn’t * living in sunlight only yesterday   how distant is it from today’s gray   tomorrow it is forecasted to be worse by people who wish i watched more often   to the sun to the clouds to those who are already looking at both wondering when rain will come before … Continue reading

yes because you left

how many memories have you lost already   those where no one leaves you where you were afraid everyone would where you are naked for the first time in front of me like a failed simile or a lonely pier during a storm where there were no good goodbyes but no bad ones either where … Continue reading

this is not a poem about you

i am ok surrounded by constellations of coffee stains i didn’t drink   i am fine not noticing the weather or the sun burns   i am content with ice cream chess mismatched strands of hair   i am incredible bloated here with nothing at all that pours out still   i am defiant against … Continue reading

urban baby crawl

the city was dying so you built a shop   people will come in tell you how they like the coffee that is sourced fairly and portioned neatly the peantbutter sandwich cuts the local art shown to a regular community of complimenters the dog bowls outside on summer days the dog bowels outside on summer … Continue reading

delbmacrs gge

the following is not to be followed; i am just as lost as you * deep into night i only have myself when all others sleep dreaming of people who will keep them up like me to you already tired of how little i cover * language the tool to tool all other tools has … Continue reading

damp light

now and then i see you in places we never visited but that i am sure you would like with very bitter coffee and very dark chocolate and where there is a song we both haven’t heard yet but we will look for frantically without success until years after in yet another yellow room after … Continue reading

clocked out, or to take down space

heavy with emptiness and the light of the sun i have burned your shadow between the breathes of my fingers trying to grab the still spinning rings of saturn or at least those pieces unfinished where life could be beyond the small here where you have left me with all the time i saved so … Continue reading