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Thanks, McMaster Silhouette

Call it old-fashion, but there’s nothing quite like the feel of a newspaper. The smell of it. The crinkle of it in your hand. The ability to express oneself in a published medium. It offers so much – from news to business to an array of opinions. For some, it is the main source of … Continue reading

Happy birthday, Mr. Niburski

For the last week, I have been struggling to write something about turning 20. It’s not that I don’t know what to say. When one turns 1/5 of a century, they want to say everything in the world. At the same time, they want the clocks to stop ticking, they want to see their aspirations … Continue reading

Learning about education

Education, and the ideal upon which it is built, has failed. With climbing tuition fees, ever-increasing class sizes, and overwhelmingly high graduate unemployment rates, it seems students have been forgotten in the educational standard. This is not to say the system upon which education is built is unsuccessful, however. It works exceptionally well. Proficient even. … Continue reading

Kony 2012

The following was written when I did not know how to write, to know, or to properly follow useless activism. * I’ll admit it. I’m ignorant of a lot of things that go around in the world. I cannot say I have known war. I cannot say I have ever known overwhelming suffering. Unlike so … Continue reading