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b, or g, or d – rain

it happened a microwave nuked the leftovers a computer estimated the best route to an empty home a burrito-shaped man rolled into a used-to-be-fitted suit announced that robots had been made that can do it all that humans could do but better   people clapped and then they stopped for a robot (it could be … Continue reading

the dark kicks like a knockout

she said she wanted it rough so i gave her a few years of emotional disregard and the impregnation of a dull sky that fails to separate nights against the suffocating sum of days with hands on her neck that bear the birth of bottled giraffes learning how to unwalk on the floor along with … Continue reading

changing of the guards

daylight with spots on a shadow like the spoiled meat that gives it legs only to find me laying down on the same steps where a marriage failed forty three years two months and sixteen days ago a child was told by an uncle that all things hurt until they fade about twenty one days … Continue reading

nine to live

on the job we laugh and laugh and laugh telling jokes about each others’ lives their wives their coffee their food their children who always are a sloppy combination of the three their early childhood their aimless ambitions their fucking fantasies their cars which look more or less the same their troubles which aren’t so … Continue reading

the ways of the vase

she tells me i am clay while padding my belly and that i should not try to mould myself to anything but me even if the couch slouches into my flab like a friend lamenting the same as her later fingers moved away now but imprinted still who says i am not dirt i am … Continue reading

connect two decapitated i’s together and you get u

it was not the loss of love of you that made me leave   it was that i lost the love of me leaving always to where you were but mostly weren’t * meat tries for more than meat searching for something but there is nothing more than meat creating meat for meat later on … Continue reading

419 degrees

the flesh finds bone dried dreaming of lakes of you who is no more than handfuls of love and blood and tomorrow built in like the sky though you stretch bigger like snow melting though you retain your form which sometimes includes being broken by every day and mostly the days that don’t happen that … Continue reading

re hearse

each sleep we rehearse the goodbyes of somehow not enough despite this night before where we wondered how we touched each other so deep with only these fingers that have been known to fumble and not know what to do next with the bra the brail the frail human soul stuck in our nails that … Continue reading

the cracks left lingering after creation

there are losers for whom everything will go right those who do not curse who have not spilled a drink in their life who cannot get sick who will never know what it means to watch a fat fly fall off the wall only for it to cling back on indifferently who will not go hungry … Continue reading


he was a great writer embedded into the mill a voice gurgling over the radio that all there was to writing was to write but my hands were busy scalping trees with words at the wood cut from lovers long lost and a drunk who pissed his name into the roots hoping it would flower … Continue reading