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Naked truth

On the stand is me. Much of the battered light beats shadows into my face. There is no judge, no jury. The room is empty, save for a sole typist’s typewriter that is blue on the exterior shell and a grey, hard metal on its keys. A faded wood from the Deco era panels the … Continue reading


Iz dolphin. He comes out of the water, gushing and panting without pants. Nearly naked, maybe, with speedo snug and chest hair booming and my father, the dolphin. Iz dolphin. Favourite swim. And he does swim, back and forth, sometimes underwater, head not raising, breath not evident save for the ripples following him slowly, never … Continue reading


The following was published in Incite, December 2013, during their time theme. It’s loud nonsense. * “Shouldn’t we be dead?” “Maybe we already are?” “I don’t think so.” “What do you mean?” “Well, I mean, I’m here, wherever that may be, and you’re there, wherever that may be.” “You sound so far away, though.” “So do … Continue reading

Growing an apple orchard in Eden

In the beginning, there was a boy and a grandmother and they were sitting together in a nearly empty room. Wooden chairs gobbled up little of the free space. Dusty curtains vacuumed out the sun. The boy was wedged on a sofa. Patches of the cushion tickled his leg. Newspaper crinkled under his butt. Each time … Continue reading

A pound of flesh

A reborn story. I wanted it to be up here by itself, rather than submerge it within another. Give it its own legs to walk on, so to speak. * She had just given birth and he released he didn’t love her. He shifted his stance from one foot to another, dancing in spot to … Continue reading

Bugs in your food

The following is a clunky part of a story still unfinished. This is trash I took out from it. Make it your treasure. Or don’t. Either way, it’ll be buried by other words at other times. * Mom comes home one day. I’m nearly seven. She looks like I do when I lose a tooth … Continue reading

Planet Earth

The following was written, edited, and drafted for my Science Culture and Identity Class. * It was the biggest airport in the world and yet in a matter of only a few minutes, its doors were shut. Men dressed as black as the shadows they carried formed a line on the inside door to deny … Continue reading

Commercial Break

On the last day of Earth, Earl Milosc overslept his alarm. He was a veteran and a bachelor – a forgotten patriot with bones too rickety, eyes too weak, and hands too unsteady to do any useful work. He was 46, and as he slept, he flashed a yellow-toothed smile that had seen everything, from … Continue reading

Cheers to that

“If God were alive today, he’d be an atheist.” Cheer licked his lips as he said it. “Believe it. Imagine what it would be like if God were still around. We’d have floods, plagues, and a race of people apparently better than anyone else. What I’m saying is that it would be no different from … Continue reading

Alive and well, Harold Culokowski

He was lonely. If Harold Culokowski were to describe himself in any possible way, that’s what he’d say. Lonely. So when asked by a work questionnaire to describe himself in three words, as he stood sweating in his moderately-expensive plain white dress shirt with a moderately-severe case of baldness, all he could feel was a … Continue reading