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The wondrous life of Mocha Niburski

Yesterday, I watched my best friend die. At the time of her death, a man dressed in a pale-grey suit checked if he had spilt any pentobarbital, my sister gripped on to whatever was left while tears spelled out a universal signal of grief, and silence, for the first time since the beginning of time, … Continue reading

The end

Given the eve of eschatological judgement that looms over us, I post something I wrote for my literature class. It is an experience that has comprised my being for the better part of four months. Only recently am I slowly coming to terms with it, and more importantly, growing from the devastation that it caused. I could … Continue reading

Something left unsaid

I recently read over the essays that I have produced for this essay-a-week challenge, and while it could be argued that over the year I’ve probably said too much, it might be better said that I’m astonished at how I said any of it at all. This is not a virtue of the fact that … Continue reading