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i sometimes think of my childhood friends as grown as i and i wonder if they wonder if they’re happy or if i am and i realize that if they are smiling those toothless-turned-braces-turned-bit-lip-red smiles that makes me smile too and if they aren’t in some way perhaps because of those same teeth that didn’t … Continue reading

2000 foot dive

my eyes always look wrong for they are not inside my head seeing why i eye i with the sounds of pain or surprise i’m not quite ready for for i was gazing at something else instead of where i was walking * the shadow knows no body but look how whole it is * … Continue reading

a smart god created stupidity

if there is anything i learned it is to question answers and to relearn if there is anything * it took a billion years for people to think that the world is only a few thousand years   how wonderful to be so rocky still * eating my words with a tongue that slides a … Continue reading

beauticians for bugs

to become the butterfly the caterpillar must hide and crack have its insides spill out and become totally liquid unstable and unmanageable   for one who doesn’t know growth the dance looks like destruction and the butterfly must appear as an angel of death rising from its coffin * the loudest sound comes just before … Continue reading

on being right

you say we always fight i say we don’t you respond that i’m always wrong i ask if i agree does that prove you wrong * what we talk about when we talk about about is no more than a fight of interest dependent on what didn’t compound interest when it was first talked about … Continue reading

unlegible hot iron

like a cow turned red i must become a personal brand fat with the future slaughter to the masses who deserve entertainment and sustenance   look my soul moves like grass in the wind before it is chomped and consumed * Hi all. I post poems with images I’ve drawn here. It’s an Instagram account, … Continue reading

burn till black

read me poet like a poem where each line stops and starts the world where there is mess organized and a hurricane with a heart in the center of a place decentered where everything is still if only to catch your breath for the next line like a fish caught struggling fighting and hoping for … Continue reading

this is a no good good no

the following isn’t what is could be * he died like a hot dog with the condiments of death sprinkled when the ketchup dried like relish of a haircut and a stank of something resembling mustard gas and stuffed with meat that was too jumbled to differentiate but that did look delicious at least on … Continue reading

this is the best i have and it could be better

first time holding a baby it cries and i feel like crying too but i do not for i am no baby and soon it stops and grows out of the habit like i did * they say there’s star dust in us spread from an explosion over time and space which makes sense for … Continue reading

vitamin k and more

i move through my stream of feeds crumbs of laughs and likes with an awareness of what it means to be gluten intolerant and i can do anything to be happy like read about how to be happy or about the egyptians who buried cats which makes me happy thinking of the little beasts not … Continue reading