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Why the sky is blue

I have become my parents. They ask me questions and want help and in that shift of how and which remote and can you build me a website, they stop being my parents with certainty and answers like what is a lever for or why the sky is blue and I stop being them too … Continue reading

Face of the sun

The rain falls on a summer’s day for it doesn’t know any better.  * There is sun in my eyes so I cannot see that it is a beautiful morning where the birds do sing and the plants do grow and there’s a bustle going on around me and that will go on with out me … Continue reading


She took my poems out from my fingers and spread them across my lips so that each letter I smeared she smeared onto me first with her look or her heels or her cheeks or her self. I’m stained.  * Covers fall in between us and she has never been more distant. Is the bed … Continue reading

A writer

I’m told you’re a writer. Not really. What do you do then? Some things. Like what? I teach. What? Chemistry sometimes. Do you do chemistry? Not anymore. Then why teach it? I guess because I can, because I did do it for a while. Sounds like an excuse. Maybe. You must’ve not enjoyed it enough. … Continue reading

Royal flush

God may not play dice, but he certainly has a good poker face. Thing is I don’t know if he is bluffing about his cards or about the game. Or maybe, as the puddles of coins shrink and overflow in uneven, unfair proportions, oozing and draining from the sewer grates that are the surrounding hands, … Continue reading


Hey blog. Hi. Are you busy? No. I brought you a present. Here. What’s this for? Your birthday. When was that? Look – I get it. I’m sorry. Me too. No, really. I’m sorry. I missed your birthday. I didn’t wish you on the 21st of April. I’m late. There’s no excuse… But? But… ya. … Continue reading

Tombstone engraving

The following was inscribed into a book of poetry I tied together with spaghetti. * Dear Studio Y Family, You are where I was, which is a roundabout way to say that I wish I was still there and I was with you. I’d shake your hand. Give you a tour. Show you my favourite … Continue reading

The beginning of the end

The following doesn’t lead anywhere. * The beginning of the end Published in The Silhouette, January 31 2015 Yesterday, I began my last day on this planet. For the beginning of the end, it wasn’t spectacular. Like every other day in recent memory, a groggy, morning sun hung over snow-drunk clouds. A few weak rays peaked … Continue reading

How to lose the MSU Elections

I never won anything, which most losers can’t claim. * How to lose the MSU Elections Published in The Silhouette, January 22 2014 I’m sorry. Really, I am. I’m sorry that you’re knee-deep in this election, I’m sorry that there’s no backing out now without losing your integrity, and I’m sorry that despite all the helter-skelter, … Continue reading

A blackhole

I am the son of a son of a son of the Sun, which is a yellow blob that blobs yellow in my hair, which is a product of happenstance and mutation and love and anything but, which is an anatomical feature that I have and am lucky enough to share with my family who … Continue reading