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Gold to orange, orange to black

His eyes drudged on back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Rock slab. Hammer down. Pick up crumbs. Throw away. Repeat. Rock slab. Hammer down. Pick up crumbs. Throw away. Repeat. His life was a broken record player, skipping and playing back the same old 43 seconds endlessly. It was a futile task … Continue reading

Whatever it is

Please, dear reader, take a spoon, stick it into my brain, and stir. That way when the grey matter turns red, and my nerve cells are no longer the cells that imprison me, I’ll finally have an empty head that I can fill in with useful ‘stuff’. Everything else that’s in there, whatever it may … Continue reading

This too shall pass

Your mother is a liar. A big, fat liar. Don’t worry though. All mothers lie. In fact, both your parents do. They told you that you were smart and you, wired up like a biological time bomb, believed it. Silly, silly human. Thoughts like that will only lead to your self-destruction. Just because you can … Continue reading

Hello my love

Hello my love. Today I had your name perched on my lips, your scent still glued to my bedsheets. I made your favourite breakfast. I smiled all day. Thank you for letting me smile. Thank you for giving me a reason to smile. I woke up with a bad cough and cigarette ashes plastered to … Continue reading

Humanity Remains

For Christ’s sake, I am an idiot. Listen up: I wrote some two thousand words but still wasn’t able to fit the Apocalypse in an essay; the Armageddon in twelve point font. Isn’t that what writing is about? Hold on to your hats. The topic I wish to understand better is something that has been … Continue reading

End of the world party

The date is Friday December 21st. It is the end of the world. 11:59. One more minute, then, nothing. Boom. Gone. Death. Everything flicked off. Everyone holds their breath. It doesn’t matter though. They should all probably breath. Hell. Or should I say heaven? It is the last time they’ll inhale this stuff. This poison: … Continue reading

Who I am: Clusteredfucked

There is no way in hell I can answer the question “Who I am”. For, unlike God who paradoxically commanded “I am who I am”, the equally divine Eminem who prophetically uttered, “I am whoever I say I am” or the drunken Winston Churchill who said he was a “glow-worm”, I am completely unsure of … Continue reading