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cement coughing a night i can’t appreciate with a head dedicated to what was it just remember it this time please eyes there watching as i descend into you and the same shame of another opportunity not taken when my hands are full of the emptiness of i seeing nothing more than the ground that … Continue reading

feeling down

is it only the sunlight that makes the sun the sky formed by a single cloud the earth that is bound by a pot or plant   what of i wrecked wondering and wishing for more than this little bit of not much but still too much   no reply beyond this except for the … Continue reading


cold again the ridges meet in the uncanny valley of your heart emptying on a tuesday where the wednesday was taking too long   you are already laying next to her in a room filled with blobs of the unwritten though it was said the painter left a mark somewhere under the last tenant’s notion … Continue reading

wings man

another night looking for another night and some different life than this spent looking at things that require a second look to remember in repetition like myself who i only see in mornings and even then barely eyes slits of her billow nearly flat on my back dirty grabbing onto folds of old ready to … Continue reading

when is thursday

it is the apocalypse though it is only tuesday   feet sloppy with sweat standing pajamas slinking at five thirty three pm   there is an infant yelling behind me there is always an infant yelling behind me   arms slope with booze i should’ve gotten a shopping cart it was busy i was going … Continue reading

alls all

the following isn’t worthwhile, though it took a while away from my worth. * here is how it is i think of you not thinking of me   i see you in sunlit rooms and the places we haven’t visited but would love without being sloppy enough to describe it as such   i talk … Continue reading

that that’s left

when was the moment you thought you weren’t valuable anymore   was it when you had all the memories and none of the friends   when life stewed in nine months matured in many more and was ruined in ten seconds by another mix just as complicated and long   when i was supposed to … Continue reading

for me

death keeps mailing me nude pictures with deep red lingerie dangling like last words or beads of a rosary and a fixture that is too pixelated for my tastes   i’m watching a hockey game and it comes just before the bright side the hobble of happiness in a drugged commercial and the slurping win … Continue reading

what was the song called

not dressed right during the last nights of dancing   composed of still sagging pants mouthing your name   a fedora filled with the cold thoughts of yesterday’s goals   and this moment of a leg over another wanton with more   a beat a slip a light snapping at my eyes to look at … Continue reading

too late

you knew it before it was known it is the lost that last the things that you didn’t do didn’t say that made you ask how many brains fit in a head or how many heads fit into a brain there thinking about you washing dirt off your hands where the wooden shovel was forgotten … Continue reading