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forgive not because they deserve it but because you do because you need the quiet to become because you need to not need to be forgiven and in the absence of them is the fumbling fullness of you holed and holing into yourself like a seed into a garden that held other seeds who didn’t … Continue reading

came came

i want to tell you that at the end of all of this there will be happiness but i cannot for you do not want this to end for here well there there is no happiness and wanting untold * come come burn for soon the trees will make breaths out of you who will … Continue reading


how is it that after it all which wasn’t it after all i am more sorry than you that it happened with mouthfuls of how than that it didn’t * my hands were too soft because she was tired sleepy in them dreaming of another day and person who would roughen her up a little … Continue reading

good bye

the following are the remains of love for i have fallen out of a relationship that made me fall into all i had, which was mostly the end of a mouth that hung. * the hardest part of letting love go is letting them go love another into that good bye softening and apart * the … Continue reading


the greatest secret of the universe is that there are no secrets except for the fact that there is all there is and one day there will not be there and you will not make it there i am so sorry but you may be gone even before this there theres i am so sorry … Continue reading

moist air

i am convinced one day these strangers will think they know me in their momentary, monumental dissatisfaction that made me dilute here in an attempt at concentration that which connects us which i believe is no more than disconnection and the time that has gone before we realize it and wish to tell someone though … Continue reading


have you ever considered that perhaps you deserve this devastation that you’ve earned the disaster like a caterpillar thick with the leaves of trees that will one day stem again emypting out of their bellies perhaps into your hands strung out as butterflies against the light that burrows into held darkness to die * i … Continue reading

reading myself again i have the unrelenting desire to kill that man but he is long since dead not with the smells of a forest captured but a single lonely tree long since forgetting what it felt like to touch the sun spread in your red rolling eyes * you take what you can give because … Continue reading


i am sorry if i hurt anyone i said to the earth and it replied don’t cry so much even though your leaking you gives new flowers old hope and hands that one day might hold their stems with a wish for someone quite and queit like you who feels so much for so little … Continue reading

cherry filling

i have given birth to myself three times though each was a premature laugh away from becoming a caterpillar that mistook itself for a moth or perhaps the white cotton dress it blended into after million years of evolution in the wild contained eventually in a closet of the woman who will wear it with a … Continue reading