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Mighty mouse

Inspired from a friend: * There’s a mouse dying in my floorboard And I can hear it in between the wood and cement It is only a temporary problem Scratching, scrawling, wailing and hoping someone can hear it I can And I do And I sit here and type this And I think about … Continue reading


It was late It’s always late But it was late again tonight And I was out I’m always out But I was out again tonight She was there She’s always there But she was there again tonight I wanted to say something I always want to say something But I didn’t say something again tonight.


I was a candle before you burnt me I smelled of pine Evidence a whole forest was found in my wick A whole country in my wax I was a window without a frame That you could look out upon Stare and wonder and get drunk off the stars I was a closet with no clothes … Continue reading

The law of gravity

Dear dear, I believe the world can be reduced to a few, simple physical principles. I don’t have the proof, nor am I seeking it. I could probably argue my way and just point to science and say looky here: there’s the answer somewhere. And then I can probably probe further as a good scientist … Continue reading