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a mess of you everywhere inside of me

more more than this you must give me more i am not armed for aimless love for the faded sundays under lazy fans the lukewarm spreading of a family cat the dispassionate mumbling between a blanket and duvet and the needless needing by tea left alone in the microwave i am equipped with years of … Continue reading

what the waters tell the land

To the Class of Medicine 1960, I would like to thank you for the Class of Medicine 1960 Research Bursary opportunity for my 2018 summer academic term. Without it, I’d be idle and researchless. I’ll admit this latter neologism is not a word, which is both sign of littered learning spent this summer and the … Continue reading

am i bugging you

the following is bad entomology from a worse anthropologist * must i paint the flowers too those who will wait for the wicked days when rain is promised ground taking form of the air the soap taking form of you both holding the seeds of dirt where a stem sits like that dark thing there … Continue reading

what you get when you get what

how do i hold this hope of not fearing that one day you will find the happiness that i see in something beyond myself   is it constraint to want this thirst at my leg   is there freedom to be left among the rain   her thick warm soul then everything these holes that … Continue reading

our first fight

who was milking the grey of those clouds where there we be not doing it again like those birds that block the branches that eat the scraps see the showers stuck as bathtubs that too must suffer the fate of eroding to the human form with whiteness praised the nails clipping the esophagus look look … Continue reading

the old poets

as if you’ve already known that it must be i quiet i looking i holding the heavy love for us both   these giant holes of light these hands wrecked with the small and the insects that sit on bony branches like lesser gods dissolving in the leaves that too know how to pray or … Continue reading


another lung lonely with those birds on the line squawking and shitting blabbing about how to hide the sun destroy the trees eat more than their bodies have shit in them to shit more than their bodies can shit   there is no breath untouched no love in the day their wild wings are the … Continue reading

the cosmos exploring the cosmos

does he look before he leaves   will she desert you for herself   has anyone told you you were made to be kissed held given thick limitless chocolate to daily even if will make you plump with lips that hold and kiss more fat with fat   this is you big enormous you the … Continue reading

An update

Love, Every day, it piles. All I need to tell you. All I haven’t. Some of it is trivial. I have a cat. Her nails are long. She scratches me. Some of it is important. I have a cat. Her nails are long. She scratches me. And it is this repetition of both, in both, … Continue reading

close your eyes for prayer

how have you last looked at love   was it with thick holes then radiance the rushing against the arms of the hairy wind   were there worn whispers you there naked chaos telling this worried world that sometimes a sunflower must shine brighter than the sun that feeds it   who held the stem … Continue reading