I am searching for something in between the letters.
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colour dye

what is this useless bleeding? love is my wound, so it can’t be so bad right. you said i was wrong, that i promised never to write the break up poem, that this must be composed and decomposed in broken parts, that it is written in a language i don’t know how to speak yet, … Continue reading


how can it be morning when tonight is yet to be written? you’re there where the space of last night still drifts. the waves whispered that i should do this, i can do this, i have not done this like the many things, will I pet that dog, need i pet a dog, why aren’t … Continue reading

your chest

i suppose you want to be the wanted in wreckage, to know that even the smallest thing can shake, is life itself, to wave water and find home in each aspect you touch, to run your hands in the sweetness of hair, to say a name that savours, to touch where a neck meets a … Continue reading


tell me about you. i have made a lot of mistakes but i am still perfect. i work a little, am paid a little less, I am worth millions. not dollars, memories, moments where you tell someone else they are not that other person, where there is enough drink and no hangover. where there is … Continue reading


take me to that great date spot, that place that is warm and probably expensive and that no one knows quite yet, including you, that area inside where those childhood memories of sitting sunlight and strawberry winters stay, where there is the punchline of a joke you memorized to tell to the right people, where … Continue reading

salv oj

is it the sad water of yesterday or the lack of it in today’s hydration that has me hung over the curl of a question mark in reverse, telling myself i’ll go on because i must, because i have been doing it this well this whole time. but i pause. what does it mean to … Continue reading

a conversation

Dear you, Yesterday it was our anniversary. This morning we spoke on the phone. There is a mess of you everywhere inside of me. With striking clarity I remember the fireworks that blew up the sky above us, the sky that for at least that night, that moment belonged to us – only us. But … Continue reading

the fallen

the following is small but huge and still, somehow, average. * she left not because you weren’t enough but because she wanted less of you   you were abundance the sun a lake summer   but winter always arrives


the following is the aftermath of promising to never do poetry again. the following is also not poetry. * when was the last time you stopped measuring the length of now the instant between when things were figured out and when they were not how often you would say um not for a filler but … Continue reading

the phone dies after

you must’ve known that there was a moment straddling laughter breathing in sunlight absorbing the cut grass of bugs and air where you were playing with your neighbourhood friends for the last time   you maybe realized it when you were summed at 44 reigning in a lawn mower picking at your now ruined pants … Continue reading