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apollo one

you fear drowning but i am water that can create life that is it found there in your mouth in you in me making love to you by just being close to your flowing fire your smile that grows flowers in hopes of one day being under your nose and feeling home again * i … Continue reading

interior decorating

i do not know this ceiling which hides the rotting peach sky being eaten alive outside by bloodless clouds in a today that is tomorrow’s yesterday though it was no better then either even as others with empty mouths will butter praise on those days where there was no worry for the days that would … Continue reading

ash wood

i am often no more but in between i spit life like a tree born from blood which will learn to claw into the sky for hungry breathless mouthfuls of growth that take away space with shadows that kill blindly and once old and forgotten by love’s initials will want to be cut down though … Continue reading


we didn’t get the chance to get we though i hope now gotten and done you find less gambles * i wish none of you were sad though i suppose then i would be sad for who would i write to and what happiness would i know having nothing more to wish for * this … Continue reading

guillotine on the mind

i am a bloody head stuck thinking of bundling veiny clouds into shapes of snow angels she used to leave before the thaw against seasons that shorten each year while i sink and forget how to swim and realize how long has it been since i have been gobbled alive by ocean waves tasted the … Continue reading


it is not that history is repeated but instead that it hasn’t ended that tied knot of violence of force of pain that stretches on as a mouth screaming with no voice though many have yelled under its repetitive fisting * how can i trust people after you how can i trust myself after trusting … Continue reading

i am telling you no

but i loved you though i suppose cracking in between there are always buts * we are the ghosts of those who left remains buried * can’t i even feel right for i am unable to describe what it is to be but not too   can’t i even feel right without worrying that repetition … Continue reading

spirited living

you’re 24 with eyes closed to books you haven’t read songs you haven’t played canvases you haven’t touched friends you haven’t seen jokes you haven’t told waiting to turn 25 with whatever it is that happens when you no longer do * i am the ghost i was warned of when i was living happy … Continue reading

pray for prayers

if i don’t die before mediocrity kills me please ensure to end me yourself for then i will look at you happily knowing that you are doing to me what no mediocre person ever would do * i drank a bit but it left eventually to weep into the floor sprawling smells which brag of … Continue reading


do not go back to those who backed into not who go to done who have gone to those who leave you asking who you were with * find those who need not to be found and who look at you with eyes weeping the possible horror of the loss of their independence that attracts … Continue reading