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is it plugged in

when i was done with death i got up and sailed to the sea where there are bodies still not found still moving among the dead channels that will power televisions one day with laughter of a family fit into a couch till a green arm that knows no better after selecting a particular sofa and coming to … Continue reading


the following comprises the low in following and the fake prize in comprises * it is true that humanity is revolting at the best of times but how much better is each revolt towards the best and the truth each time we fail * these days i am not too sad which is making me … Continue reading


who are these people with their eyes closed comforted in the exhaustion of every day found in the yawning mouths of the subway who are these couples with bags off to other countries, who have packed essentials for moments that maybe i would include myself and yet who carry on without me who are these … Continue reading

democracy without me

I wrote this as an application to be an ambassador to the Canadian Government. I did not get selected obviously for reasons oblivious to the oblivion in me, and perhaps most importantly, in the government. * Government needs poetry. Against the anaesthetized procedures, the ready-made euphemisms, and the generality of governance, poetry saves. It questions. … Continue reading

a diamond

Haven’t all the sonnets been written yet? There’s a game on, I’m told. The Blue Jays are flapping off the branches of old syrup-dried trees while the enfolding flowers are dying outside. I am inside now, shivering and cold and wondering if there is mold in the wooden room, whether it points to the North, … Continue reading