Cardiac cannibalism

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A pen

I used to have this pen – my favourite pen. Every day, I would write with it. On broad elaborate sheets or dirty bathroom stalls, on tiny journal pages or the inside the crevice of a book, I would find myself scribbling away little notes only I could read. It wrote beautifully. On any surface, … Continue reading


Dear dear, There are many ways to get out of the responsibilities of love. Start by not shaving. A little hair grows, and you look at it with interest instead of dismay. Then another one blooms and then one more and soon you find yourself covered. You laugh and convince yourself it’s okay. It’s still … Continue reading

In between the spaces

Dear you, Einstein once wrote that the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result. True as he may have been about a lot of scientific principles, here I am saying otherwise: because for about half of the eleven months that we’ve been together, I have been consistently ending these … Continue reading


No one knew it yet, not even me. As the fireworks roared over the moonlit water and the festive colours began to fade into the inky black of night, I thought that I would only wander. To France then to England. To continue on and on where my mind and body could. My worries would … Continue reading

Burning fireflies

Maybe, in our very beginning, we were born from flint. When hit, we’d spark, and a new idea would burn its way into the forefront. The fire would consume everything around it, swallowing the sticks we built up, the passions we created, and the leftover bits we could muster with the strength of two hands. … Continue reading

Taking a shower

It’s the same like last time. Cold water. I shrug. There’s nothing I can do now. I step in and it stings my naked body in random spurts. I’ve been here before. One year ago? Two? I cannot recall. It feels so long ago. Nearly ancient history. But I remember our hesitance. I remember our … Continue reading

After a breakup

The first thing you learn is that you can’t expect things. They won’t text you goodnight. They won’t tell you about their day. Your phone won’t ring no matter how many times you check it. In a way, their memories won’t last either. In two years, they won’t remember that day in the park or … Continue reading

Valentine’s day, sweetheart

I wrote these words once long ago. They date back to the beginning of time when a boy was foolish enough to believe in anything but himself, when love was a four letter word that was perched onto lips but never spoken, and when pains in his chest were the best parts of living. * … Continue reading

The chemistry of love

This Valentine’s Day, save the chocolate, burn the roses and stop the cheesy love poems. Such sentimentalities won’t foster a loving relationship because love is not some innate, abstract emotional response. It’s just chemistry. Before I explain further, let me dissuade any possible illusions. No my heart wasn’t bitterly broken nor am I of the … Continue reading

A love poem

I once tried to write a love poem, But I couldn’t remember how it started. So instead I wrote on a bathroom wall: Love is sexist, It doesn’t treat women right at all. * Her hair tickled the back of his hand as he lay there pretending to snore. She was already well asleep, caught … Continue reading