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Dear Kacper, I think I should start with a hello, though it may be wasted on you. Business, and the slack jaw rapidness of an auctioneer, is your mode of conversation, so I’ll instead hope that wherever you are, it’s sunny and you’re happy. I can’t tell if you are, to be frank. I know … Continue reading

A joke told in Auschwitz

The greatest joke I ever heard was when I was eleven in Auschwitz. My family and I arrived by a German car that was crammed with bags and snacks and elbows rubbing together. Grass combed over unused rusted tracks and as we walked towards enormous gates that were wide open, one couldn’t help but feel … Continue reading

Clair de Lune

Though I’m sure that as the author of this blog I’m supposed to wait until everything is readable by at least editing and editing again, I promised that I’d write 1000 words daily and here they are and then some. Given the quality of the post, I might be better quitting while I’m ahead. Regardless, … Continue reading

Darkest coffee and cheapest wine

If the happiest moment of one’s life is meant to be a jubilating climax, it’s fitting that mine occurred on the Eiffel Tower. Though the clichéd moment has often spurred inspiration for countless mimic lovers and over-inflated romantics, I neither felt love nor some overarching unity on the Parisian metallic beast. I instead gazed as … Continue reading


The most terrifying day of my life was 63 hours long. It began on April 25th at 3:00 a.m and ended on the 27th at around 6:00 p.m. In between those two milestones, I learned the definition of the word rescind, what it feels like to know nothing, how fleeting emotions can be, and the … Continue reading

Up and down

“Wouldn’t it suck if someone farted right now?” Only five minutes had passed since the elevator stopped functioning and a bad joke was his way of introduction. Before the creaking of structural steel and the zipping of some electrical failure, my first impression of Kacper Niburski was that he was the type of person that … Continue reading

Third time’s a charm

This is the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning. School has finished, summer has become, and I’m sure there’s something to be said about it all. Here’s your chance: Essay-a-week Challenge. I’ll let David do most of the talking: “Hark, essayists!  Bloggers, behold! The school year has drawn to a close, … Continue reading

Something left unsaid

I recently read over the essays that I have produced for this essay-a-week challenge, and while it could be argued that over the year I’ve probably said too much, it might be better said that I’m astonished at how I said any of it at all. This is not a virtue of the fact that … Continue reading

Tied quarter notes

It would start off with fireworks. No – scratch that. Fighter jets. They’d spin and dip and twirl over the small bedroom. It’d almost be unbelievable but the creaking of the twin-size bed would be enough for the illusion. Creak. Creak. Muffled cries would drown out in the background. Wet kisses would swim from lip … Continue reading

The colour Mocha

I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you died. It was a Monday and I was out driving in the rain. There was thunder flashing in the sky, and I passed by an incandescent sign glowing a prosthetic green, and I thought about treating myself with the world’s best coffee. I’ll admit it – I never … Continue reading