Spaghetti knots

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every everything

here again in the small stop of your loving i am reminded that this is a tiny end just before you kiss me   it will not happen yet there will be the happy years the faulty focused years where i catch myself in your thick warm arms or in the mirror smiling what can … Continue reading

bad bye

must i tell you that when i die keep me among the living   do not bury me like a rotten carrot do not put me in your drying mouths that are thick with old sex   take away the pictures of my final shot remove the canisters which may contain a dream of mine … Continue reading

don’t come here

come see my house come see my house where the floor creaks come see my creaky house with its spring flowers come see my sweet, flowering house creaking with a summer that my mom says might never end come see my summered, bright house that is smothered by the end of a creek where my … Continue reading


what do you want besides to be wanted and not need to mention that there is needing in that soft place in my heart among the fat and food where only you can be meaty and liquid like the last rain before going to where it will always evaporate as a breath that only knows … Continue reading

first look

it is nice that one can be one step away from annihilation at all points   the car will melt the planet the car will drive you to the movies the movies are the problem for they do not show how the planet really is   it is not nice even in my dreams i … Continue reading


glued feathers on these arms with scabby blood flying better than i did you tell me that you know how to close the open wound of the sky where nothing is home by recalling the language lost when my mother cooed her belly with the sanded down statement that i may be here now with … Continue reading

a mess of you everywhere inside of me

more more than this you must give me more i am not armed for aimless love for the faded sundays under lazy fans the lukewarm spreading of a family cat the dispassionate mumbling between a blanket and duvet and the needless needing by tea left alone in the microwave i am equipped with years of … Continue reading

what the waters tell the land

To the Class of Medicine 1960, I would like to thank you for the Class of Medicine 1960 Research Bursary opportunity for my 2018 summer academic term. Without it, I’d be idle and researchless. I’ll admit this latter neologism is not a word, which is both sign of littered learning spent this summer and the … Continue reading

am i bugging you

the following is bad entomology from a worse anthropologist * must i paint the flowers too those who will wait for the wicked days when rain is promised ground taking form of the air the soap taking form of you both holding the seeds of dirt where a stem sits like that dark thing there … Continue reading

what you get when you get what

how do i hold this hope of not fearing that one day you will find the happiness that i see in something beyond myself   is it constraint to want this thirst at my leg   is there freedom to be left among the rain   her thick warm soul then everything these holes that … Continue reading