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The Day of Celebration – Part 1

The bed covers curled away from Vaughn’s fingertips as he awoke to the sounds of Bach. Yesterday it was Beethoven. The day before, it was Mozart. Today, though, he knew that the symphonies crashing through his window could only mean one thing. Today was the Day of Celebration. Vaughn stretched himself away from the warmth … Continue reading

Baseball diamond

With two sturdy hands clasped against a wooden steering wheel, he slowly backed from our stone driveway. Inch by inch, he descended. The numerous bumps, scratches, and dents glimmered in the sunlight as he honked a symphony of goodbyes. Our dog Bo barked back a tune of confusion all the while wagging his tail like … Continue reading

Beep, Beep

Beep, beep. Beep, beep. A machine calls out generously. It doesn’t have to do this: the beeping and all. But for one reason or another, it does. Call it philanthropic. Call it subservience. Whatever one decides to do, remember that some things never beep. In fact, most things that exist aren’t even generous. The Universe … Continue reading