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dear world the least you can do is tell us how many of us do you need to make us feel needed and to stop the rest of us from feeling like the least dear * they moan that you are deceased which will make lively discussion around the dinner table where your uncle burps … Continue reading

the dark side of the sun

i am forgetting who i am but remembering that this disappearing is who i am * there are only a few moments in your life where your life is decided and often it involves uninvolvement years of building boredom a moment of crisis leading to a question of why you didn’t do more or weren’t … Continue reading

2000 foot dive

my eyes always look wrong for they are not inside my head seeing why i eye i with the sounds of pain or surprise i’m not quite ready for for i was gazing at something else instead of where i was walking * the shadow knows no body but look how whole it is * … Continue reading

fetch boy

i have been trying to write more but writing more about writing more is writing less and trying too * days pass like dog’s piss no territory unfulfilled no yellow too cowardly despite the jumping and shedding into dust that will one day clog up a vacuum cleaner waste a grunt dirty a few fingers and … Continue reading