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cadaver dave

with you i sometimes think of i thoughtless   what will it be like to go where the gone goes what will happen to the dreams unaccomplished or conversations unfinished   where will the people who i only met once in a dizzying array of sunflowers seen too little and subways seen too much find … Continue reading

the anatomist

bones buried in air the anatomist exhales deeply and describes how the vein loops into the spacelessness of breath where there is liquid now but emptiness then   he goes on showing a figure of what it would’ve looked like if it didn’t look like this   he goes on illustrating that the vein is … Continue reading

justice for just us

tears wiping away a face from me with eyes fixed on wherever it is nothingness fits into a room   or just between us * the problem with poetry is that it has no solutions and this ambiguity produces more poems * whether you ask how you are answers who you are * maybe possibly … Continue reading