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circle circle dot dot

a leak and a lake found unscrambled in the flower and the dew filled with grasshoppers that are praying to avoid the mantis that makes men look lost in skirts and the twirl of a tornado that makes no sense like this poem for i have found that the hardest thing is to not be … Continue reading

making made made

don’t fret to feel nothing is to be for it was here first still is containing the universe in ceaseless bounds that stretches like fingers to warm water to hold the stories that feel your pain of being * rejection is a gift it allows you the moment to reassess to reconsider to see where … Continue reading

the dark side of the sun

i am forgetting who i am but remembering that this disappearing is who i am * there are only a few moments in your life where your life is decided and often it involves uninvolvement years of building boredom a moment of crisis leading to a question of why you didn’t do more or weren’t … Continue reading

an(y)other life

when i am by myself under the night sky i wonder if this solar system is the loneliest in its search for life and finding none or some other is who will never know what it means to be alone   my question goes unnoticed but the stars still breathe * save your change instead … Continue reading