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through though tough

do we have time to watch the birds we who were the sky   can we stop to swim in the ocean we who were the waters   is there enough skin to bask in the sun we who were the light   what are we now though we who were we until we needed to … Continue reading

chicken bones

my shadow is a shadow of what once was shade that can now mouth that i am the best best   when she mistakes streetlights for stars and i tell her love’s the first electricity anyways   but it’s dark now though my shadow is still depressed   in the furniture that has grown with … Continue reading

hand me a paw

the dog whining in its sleep because it dreams of being a human wanting to control another dog watching the hairy tuff roll over belly exposed for a treat to enter that same belly where the wolf happens good boy good dog sit yes sit rest now like an animal   the dog wakes up … Continue reading

gills and gizzards

this is the arm the man mouths over birds which have my attention and admiration with their indifference to it and the string the man adds slings across here like tight underwear of a lover which these birds certainly have doves that never leave their partner even when used at weddings released by hands that … Continue reading

tweet tweet

the murder crowds around the crow dead and muddy for they know that it is dangerous to be alive and to only squawk as a scared defense that is shared in a final release that is just as scared * i want music to swallow out the fall of summer into something that can leave … Continue reading

A bird afraid of heights

The sun sets when the day begins for I hoist myself above my balcony with cars below and people above and I am happy that I have a choice to be happy or not with just a baby step, though I am a nested bird that is afraid of heights. * Night is too short. … Continue reading

The birds

She smiles The birds matching The arch Of her lips With their wings And I’m lifted If only for a little while Until the birds squawk Louder than her words Which say something something About something something else, Though I’m sure the sentences Vibrate into the sky Tickling the webbed feet above Like feathers on … Continue reading