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see sons

i suppose you’ll want to know what has come of me after all those futures planned have been forgotten and the flowers have turned away from the sun and there’s a sea that hasn’t been touched yet by the plastic that sinks the life from your tour of a small island that most haven’t heard … Continue reading

loss of loss

the following is too much of too little. * write it write it write the poem that includes everyone including you there sitting sloppily looking at them flipped precipitating pages of night and remaining unseen unread unknown like a lost thing * no one reads and all remains right for there is little wrong with … Continue reading

this generation is such a pest

the cicadas come after nineteen years of silence oozing in the dirt to the sun and sky to yell at the top of their wings that they have been finally given a voice that they will not waste for they must mate and mourn then die after two weeks and after planting the next nineteen … Continue reading

kicking for elbow room

love when you go don’t * i spent time trying to change your mind that i forgot how long ago it was since i changed my own   i think it was when i met you and promised me that i’d never let go even if now came when you wished there would be no … Continue reading