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cherry filling

i have given birth to myself three times though each was a premature laugh away from becoming a caterpillar that mistook itself for a moth or perhaps the white cotton dress it blended into after million years of evolution in the wild contained eventually in a closet of the woman who will wear it with a … Continue reading


look i can’t stop now because i have things to do and to start later on so that one day i can have kids and they’ll say dad tell me a story about all those things you do and i’ll read them this poem proud and mighty about the wrangled product after working and working just … Continue reading

let’s play defuse the bomb

there is always construction in front of the bar i go to to depress into the what is is what makes me order a drink close to paint thinner for i have gotten fat on other beverages and myself a giant guessing what’s next though the tv offers some clues of the apocalypse with child … Continue reading

come into us

what are we talking about when we are taking about we and what has come between the two of us now who are too tough to admit that we are hurt and bleeding but not quite dead because we put our hands on each other to stop the cuts from showing us how much we … Continue reading