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the golden ruler

sea shells release oceans with echoes of life that come back in reverse when oceans release sea shells with life in echoes * how to to: dance freely and listen to the tripping of your tongue * the real golden rule is knowing the difference between do unto others and do un to others * … Continue reading

sunflower seeds

do you understand that you’ll never understand that there’s nothing understood except for the fact that all try for understanding but fail both you and do and failing too * if only we weren’t bred from a god who took a rest on the seventh day maybe we would have accomplished much more and not … Continue reading

wearing sins like earings

the crucifix is a disappointing sapling with us for its fruits fleshed like pears stripped like oranges rotten like apples with worms to the core * she pulls the rope to bring herself out of the water and the possibility of sharks lifting the knot around my neck high enough for me to swell with … Continue reading

praying for those who pray

how is it that a subway filled with dogs provides joy and one with too many owners crowds the vehicle with dread * as a lazy mosquito sucking itself into a question of will it become an itchy bump or an itchier nothing we are all looking for relaxation that doesn’t lead to boredom or … Continue reading