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urban baby crawl

the city was dying so you built a shop   people will come in tell you how they like the coffee that is sourced fairly and portioned neatly the peantbutter sandwich cuts the local art shown to a regular community of complimenters the dog bowls outside on summer days the dog bowels outside on summer … Continue reading


where the time weeps how are your poems did you notice those that read at dark about the dark did you see the poor blasting the poorer what of the cars left littered waiting for a dead battery to move again those that seep loneliness only a forgotten language can speak did you close yourself … Continue reading

capital yelling

and there SHE was cloaked in articles of light standing still on a spinning top holding it all together while i was out there doing THE THING so as to make it towards the OTHER THING which in that moment i could’ve sworn was HER against the crumbling city that was making me feel bad … Continue reading

interior decorating

i do not know this ceiling which hides the rotting peach sky being eaten alive outside by bloodless clouds in a today that is tomorrow’s yesterday though it was no better then either even as others with empty mouths will butter praise on those days where there was no worry for the days that would … Continue reading

microwave pasta poisons the birds

it is not love that will get rid of that feeling of lack of love it is not pain that will absolve numbness it is not what it is that makes is it and it is not not that makes you come to know no but instead it is you there waiting for something that … Continue reading

sky spit

there is a point when you are young and find no point in growing old besides the answer itself which leaves you with words you spent time learning only to later learn that they aren’t true and true isn’t true and and isn’t and and is isn’t but also is sometimes particularly as you age … Continue reading

A loner who’s not alone

If only there were classes on how to be lonely, classes where we’d sit by ourselves in a room with a small desk that only one elbow can rest on and a chair that teeters on one leg and where we cannot see the walls, only the frame of a ceiling with single lights dangling … Continue reading