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what was the song called

not dressed right during the last nights of dancing   composed of still sagging pants mouthing your name   a fedora filled with the cold thoughts of yesterday’s goals   and this moment of a leg over another wanton with more   a beat a slip a light snapping at my eyes to look at … Continue reading

toes and woes

the earth will stop dancing one day leading to won night but by then will you learn the music that i play lightly only for you and the world without ears will you recall the steps that it takes to take too it will you realize it is better not to be solo but to … Continue reading


it is horrible that there is no disaster that made humanity cave into that special lonely realization reserved for that third vodka shot that holds that horror that leaves you wondering why there is that many people in the world that serve no other function then to not notice that you are dancing with the … Continue reading

on point without points

got bones bragging about failed attempts cracking up about the spills that left me embarrassed to be me and embarrassed but the bones keep on saying i i i as though i’m supposed to hear it over the o o o and the people who watch and laugh that i’ve spilled my drink and will … Continue reading

room with room

winter, fall or spring summer either way stop * huffs escaping into the cold a cloud fitting you a bit misfigured but so were you when you asked how you looked and i said pretty just to get into the heat of the bar with strangers pulsing to the same rhythm of what is this … Continue reading