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a centaur that wishes to be a goldfish

recently, i am writing bits of change. this is so i can change into bits of writing when recent is not worth as much. * i wanted to become a doctor but i settled on a writer because then i could cure before the sickness and write-up * i should’ve been a good lawyer but … Continue reading

air jordan

life and death is a kissing curse where one sees the universe in reverse from closed to open with a child knowing adult unknowing aged knowing there is no more than unknowing as all spreads too far away * does the doctor see death in my eyes or just his own reflected through empty, black … Continue reading

Vaginal swabs and grand openings

The following made me sick. * Daily Dose: Vaginal Swabs and Grand Openings January 8th, 2014, The Silhouette It was the vaginal swabs that caught my eye first. In wire thin black marker, the words were embossed on a plain white box. The corners of the white cardboard were ruffled, a deep crevice bled into … Continue reading