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changing of the guards

daylight with spots on a shadow like the spoiled meat that gives it legs only to find me laying down on the same steps where a marriage failed forty three years two months and sixteen days ago a child was told by an uncle that all things hurt until they fade about twenty one days … Continue reading

potential energy

whimper to the earth i can be tell the formless sky i can be more let night hide you under stars that have gone away but still echo to people who are crying next door under drowning whispers to someone or something or just it all that they are they are they are while day … Continue reading

affording wind and stars

to the purple van that is going the way of the dinosaurs after living off them, you cannot read but that is okay because for a while i couldn’t read either and i want you to know how okay i was then. though i  didn’t know much and didn’t know how much this ignorance was … Continue reading

i am so sorry that being sorry is all i can be

i was told a family friend had four months left to live today. crying didn’t wash anything away, so i’m back here with all the life i got * i have taxes and expenses and those bills i still haven’t paid   yesterday i was told i was dying with four months to live   … Continue reading

Beauty contest for the dead

The sun climbs over one mountain just to put shade on another peak. * He was twelve when he died which is better than eleven so I guess he could be happy but I was twelve and a bit so I was pretty sad looking at him with his hair unhair like his lips unlip like … Continue reading