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70 million litres in

they will tell you to keep it down to keep you down and untold till you repeat the same to someone else looking down on them as they gaze skyward though you block the sun * the earth a drunk spinning around looking for someone to impress finding the room empty pissing down the stars … Continue reading


i am sorry if i hurt anyone i said to the earth and it replied don’t cry so much even though your leaking you gives new flowers old hope and hands that one day might hold their stems with a wish for someone quite and queit like you who feels so much for so little … Continue reading

toes and woes

the earth will stop dancing one day leading to won night but by then will you learn the music that i play lightly only for you and the world without ears will you recall the steps that it takes to take too it will you realize it is better not to be solo but to … Continue reading