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the following are a sneeze of words that might stick if you are sick enough and need healing. * i want to give you my all but all of it has been given to a different wantless you * don’t become those who made you come to be don’t * no one lives for all … Continue reading

a leg of ligaments

the river carries my sadness but it too drowns in sky and sun * tender tendons tend on to muscle your way through your way to muscle * what you could do was once you couldn’t until you could do couldn’t * in the beginning there is the end which is why we begin things … Continue reading


snowmen were never taught how to swim so sweat drowns both their nerves and themselves   but only through slippery death do they know what it means to move * my shadow has gone away to the bedfellow of night while i am here shivering trying to remember what was when what was but finding … Continue reading

The beginning of the end

The following doesn’t lead anywhere. * The beginning of the end Published in The Silhouette, January 31 2015 Yesterday, I began my last day on this planet. For the beginning of the end, it wasn’t spectacular. Like every other day in recent memory, a groggy, morning sun hung over snow-drunk clouds. A few weak rays peaked … Continue reading