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the dark kicks like a knockout

she said she wanted it rough so i gave her a few years of emotional disregard and the impregnation of a dull sky that fails to separate nights against the suffocating sum of days with hands on her neck that bear the birth of bottled giraffes learning how to unwalk on the floor along with … Continue reading

how to how to

inside her with exploding organs that’ll splatter the ceiling with offal and blood though the walls need to be repainted anyways for they peel from handprints that remind one of ceaseless childhood where endless days giggle to playful wind and a sun on rollerskates down the bountiful road where each work will be a masterpiece … Continue reading

the dead sea

making love like a dull guillotine with unshaven mollusks fumbling about in the sea   her whining to whatever was still a child in her like love taught by the lightness of parents who showed her life was her life to ask and demand and want more more more give it give it come on … Continue reading