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capital yelling

and there SHE was cloaked in articles of light standing still on a spinning top holding it all together while i was out there doing THE THING so as to make it towards the OTHER THING which in that moment i could’ve sworn was HER against the crumbling city that was making me feel bad … Continue reading

praying for those who pray

how is it that a subway filled with dogs provides joy and one with too many owners crowds the vehicle with dread * as a lazy mosquito sucking itself into a question of will it become an itchy bump or an itchier nothing we are all looking for relaxation that doesn’t lead to boredom or … Continue reading

the sun burns life vests and corneas

like the sun that doesn’t drown in the dead blue sky i disappear in myself through forgetful age and the business of busyness where i miss the shower and move to sweat hoping to find something i lost somewhere i cannot recall but always am reminded of in the morning sludge of light that brings … Continue reading

lots of 23

i’m lots of 23 hugging a wall or just laying down splayed like a bird squashed or a fish gutted from the gestation of girls that bounce with a night you could hear if you were listening and around with me moving and putting poetry into the motion of bodies that bind all that can be bound … Continue reading