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deed day

the war was won though i was still on the steps twenty years later barely beyond the bottom floor where a man was shot in the head by the earlier applause of progress he could not hear due to a bubbling mind that roared explosions at such a fury that it was shared with the … Continue reading


and then there he is in the middle of the sun that could’ve made for a beautiful day if he wasn’t in front of it and could’ve spread singly into a beautiful flower behind me if i weren’t there either, telling me as a gentleman would how he fucked my girlfriend in shaky, full arms … Continue reading

Silence aloud

There are three types of silence: the first is when there is nothing to say and the next is to say nothing and both are said here in the third type which is writing words for her though she’ll never read them * Writing’s an attempt to apologize for not knowing what to say when … Continue reading