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late this month

worn by soft light, you say your heart is heavy. the sky is coated in cold gray, neutered with smoke. i cannot see out my window. you grip my hands tighter, ask don’t you see, kacper, look at how good this news is. i try. in front is you, the colour of the earth, the … Continue reading

two lips

i am a little fire burping back against the sun to show it how i can consume the world even as i am forgotten and left alone to die as a shadow untethered from the body that burns being into not * does not my smile require an anchor beyond my mouth perhaps unmooring into … Continue reading

a pro at con fusing

soon soon will not be soon enough * i am not looking for the light i am looking for the fire and the wood that carries the night * once there was a way to once but that has gone away since was was here * i’m stuck on word play that bends and mends … Continue reading

Man lit with lit

Burn those expanding circles and the edges that you’ll never see again where the chance to jump has faded through life   Burn for you’ll never amount to anything and most of the time you’ll amount to less   Burn hotter than the fires that consume you so that when they overcome they do not … Continue reading