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sunk drunk

since ruin the apple of eden fermented and it has been known that paradise is often found in drink and women who often lead to drink and more women * political movements can often be described as the mess the mass the miss the moss * all fish float but remember the depths * remember … Continue reading

gills and gizzards

this is the arm the man mouths over birds which have my attention and admiration with their indifference to it and the string the man adds slings across here like tight underwear of a lover which these birds certainly have doves that never leave their partner even when used at weddings released by hands that … Continue reading

a whale learning to walk

something outside isn’t right because the day is shorter than a stripper’s skirt and everyone remains sick with the morning is healed by the night and are ill again when the sun yawns as though nothing changed even though they have for they brought home a story of these girls real pretty funny too whose father wasn’t … Continue reading

Seadragon smoke

A journey feels shorter on the way back, which is why a break up may only take seconds after many years. * How befuddling it is to know enough that you are not enough to be enough for enough people, or maybe just one, which includes yourself on days when laundry lines look like ghosts … Continue reading

Angler fish

How have you changed? I still write at 0200, which is a sign that I might never go to sleep. I still sleep, which is a sign that I might never wake. I still wake and still prefer the lilacs in the rain and the summer’s yellow paint over a laundry line dotted with red underwear. … Continue reading