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sign off

the bird in its cage is envious of the cat’s freedom but knows the consequences of it singing thanks for the metal that once used to be a riverbed weeping a sky suspended and caught * my mother died giving birth though she lived for some thirty years afterwards like an animal to be sacrificed … Continue reading

so-me s-craps

the perfect sentence has not been written yet for in writing there is no perfect sentence it exists only in yet * freedom is not having no fear but instead not fearing no * nothing works well except perhaps nothing * don’t want to lose that love by using words like love that have felt … Continue reading

awarding punishment

on ward going no where with the bars singing like tuning forks though i am not hungry and tone deaf listening to the steady step of feet outside always outside even in these walls there is an outside where we need not sling sunshine and good nights but can sit for days unmoving out of … Continue reading