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fun, err all

there are days when we all feel like gutters     but know that even then we are needed to clean the city * lungs like lightning short bursts of a spark i used to know on days like today sunny and steeped parent’s telling us not to do it anyways and us saying anyways … Continue reading

what remains

god grant me the belief to not need belief in a god * he wanted to prove that he was sorry so he dangled there like an exclamation which left most with a question mark and silent remark of how all could be improved * there is no redemption only redefinition on there is * … Continue reading

Beauty contest for the dead

The sun climbs over one mountain just to put shade on another peak. * He was twelve when he died which is better than eleven so I guess he could be happy but I was twelve and a bit so I was pretty sad looking at him with his hair unhair like his lips unlip like … Continue reading