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rush hour

i swear it is there in her eyes the pink moon trampolining on the whole horizon away from this full subway car that holds silence never before heard and little handheld suns that do not burn immediately in this dark tunnel of outside blues but that take energy lifeforce souls away in bits of radiation … Continue reading

a song

absorbing all light and eyes she radiates the deconstruction of self for the construction of i dressed in deep black lip stick that only the universe matches spreading into a nothing that is shared between us no matter how much i stare hoping for a shooting star and knowing full well that she is probably … Continue reading


She took my poems out from my fingers and spread them across my lips so that each letter I smeared she smeared onto me first with her look or her heels or her cheeks or her self. I’m stained.  * Covers fall in between us and she has never been more distant. Is the bed … Continue reading