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re hearse

each sleep we rehearse the goodbyes of somehow not enough despite this night before where we wondered how we touched each other so deep with only these fingers that have been known to fumble and not know what to do next with the bra the brail the frail human soul stuck in our nails that … Continue reading

came came

i want to tell you that at the end of all of this there will be happiness but i cannot for you do not want this to end for here well there there is no happiness and wanting untold * come come burn for soon the trees will make breaths out of you who will … Continue reading

the hike

i have seen mountains collapse but the soil remain waiting for you to come down from above the clouds that were just going to wave blue goodbyes and eventually find the understated mountains unmade and embarrassed by being undone until they turn one then two anew three then eighteen with green waters streaming into trees … Continue reading