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a good version of the text

if the iliad must begin with rage, then i must admit that our age is not so peaceful either. there are people who have told me they hate me in a language i do not understand, and on some days, would not want to. dogs who shit in my steps. tea kettles which will burn … Continue reading

2000 foot dive

my eyes always look wrong for they are not inside my head seeing why i eye i with the sounds of pain or surprise i’m not quite ready for for i was gazing at something else instead of where i was walking * the shadow knows no body but look how whole it is * … Continue reading

mirrors mirroring mirrors

when i see you seeing me i am narcissus drowning and clawing at anything which includes your hands holding mine together and stopping them from making the shadow of a butterfly against the sun that will leave me as icarus father of the fallen charmer of snakes a man in heaven without wings and you … Continue reading