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and other poems

am i a happy kid of some past generation or a sad adult in this passing one * i have known myself and how unknown i am * i cannot help but feel that i am helpless and denying some full potential that tells me that i can do it all including denying me all … Continue reading

new fish burgers

Dry in Wendy’s being told she never existed by a man who didn’t till now when he needed a few dollars to get a fish burger that slapped around into his mouth where he said any path is home to ghosts because they pull at you, the millions of people you couldda met and couldda … Continue reading


soldier of breath armed with exhalations and arms that are taking too much oxygen pressing her away   meanwhile the heart is losing the battle and there is a foxhole somewhere you might fit into but she feels clunky and tired and worn like a used gun that smokes too much and shoots too little … Continue reading

that’s correct, person

i think like most people in that i make the mistake that most people think as mistaken as i * you need to know you are not you but a sum of others who care about your cares who love your loves and who feel as you feel when they are not cared or loved … Continue reading

each week, winning numbers though i never play

how lucky it is to feel nothing and still be able to be loved * heartbreaks are the easiest part finding out where next is is where everything breaks down * rejection is a belief that was true that is not and it is the greatest success for you can change do better do worse … Continue reading

for never and never

for too long we go on to go on eating to eat sleeping to sleep until we have gone to be eaten for we sleep too long * i wrote this out of hand in the heart from the head to the human who has the hassle and the harm of the holes that hold … Continue reading