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a room to one’s own

i sat down to write after a hot day in the city but hemingway was complaining of a headache again because joyce was saying how he wasn’t saying enough yet which he also said was much too say and bukowski was belching about there being too many boys here and flaubert was responding in a … Continue reading


it is not that history is repeated but instead that it hasn’t ended that tied knot of violence of force of pain that stretches on as a mouth screaming with no voice though many have yelled under its repetitive fisting * how can i trust people after you how can i trust myself after trusting … Continue reading

pray for prayers

if i don’t die before mediocrity kills me please ensure to end me yourself for then i will look at you happily knowing that you are doing to me what no mediocre person ever would do * i drank a bit but it left eventually to weep into the floor sprawling smells which brag of … Continue reading

still birth

there is a space between where i wish to be where i was where i will be and where i wander currently and without the current   every moment i am adjusting to the idea that this emptiness between those dots is not horrifying but the very point of them and that the still waters … Continue reading

history book in our spine

a poem every direction:   wish you were here here wish you were were here wish you you were here wish   a direction: every poem * i worry that history has narrowed its focus on me and will one day be called back by the vindication of my flesh a child caught up in … Continue reading

within without

whether it is justice or evil compassion or decay history shows that more than ever there will be more than ever and this weathering of contradictions will require more than ever before * when man learns that he is not important to when or the universe he will yell at the stars remember they do … Continue reading