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b, or g, or d – rain

it happened a microwave nuked the leftovers a computer estimated the best route to an empty home a burrito-shaped man rolled into a used-to-be-fitted suit announced that robots had been made that can do it all that humans could do but better   people clapped and then they stopped for a robot (it could be … Continue reading


the following comprises the low in following and the fake prize in comprises * it is true that humanity is revolting at the best of times but how much better is each revolt towards the best and the truth each time we fail * these days i am not too sad which is making me … Continue reading

similar to slime

i’ve been trying to make it so that i can make it alright for others who want the same and will learn when they are here and sludge that it is not so great to be similar to slime and to have it made for what is left besides others who wonder what it’s like … Continue reading