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a dwarf star

i may be the fire but then again i may just be the wood and this is okay for both are needed for warmth in and for and with oneself * the hate is always slopping around the light but it dries when the clarity improves into a blue existence where the warmth wiggles in … Continue reading

do it

kill softly with generosity so that when they come in the always that creeps ahead with their mouths in hungry lolls and eyes desolate in other yous and their knees dirty from prayer and the gardening afterwards when they still remain empty you will open your arms with a hug for all a hug that … Continue reading


there must be kindness before there is death though often it is only found in the dying after of people remembering one of their own kind * what will come has not yet become so do not go before it’s gone * i suppose i am gifted to know your loving for i can see … Continue reading