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to grow up like this

and the lump is a throat is a life who will say that one should never strain their neck for muscles connect to bone and bone connects to milk and you can be powerful son you can block out the sky if you drink enough of that tall tale   night blankets the room in … Continue reading

the bloods

keep me on tempo with the gang of heart flutters and what she said to me shadowing over a night one last night let this be the night where the crazy comes sane the sane slips to you and you move to me till morning generous on the horizon not slowing down no matter the … Continue reading


it was a lonely dirt path that was lost for a long while but that led curved and cornered to an ocean that was bent on slowly gobbling it away * after you all love will be plagiarized * we will be willed forever until the end which of course makes no sense but that … Continue reading