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urban baby crawl

the city was dying so you built a shop   people will come in tell you how they like the coffee that is sourced fairly and portioned neatly the peantbutter sandwich cuts the local art shown to a regular community of complimenters the dog bowls outside on summer days the dog bowels outside on summer … Continue reading

clocked out, or to take down space

heavy with emptiness and the light of the sun i have burned your shadow between the breathes of my fingers trying to grab the still spinning rings of saturn or at least those pieces unfinished where life could be beyond the small here where you have left me with all the time i saved so … Continue reading


it is the silence i have been writing about the separation of twenty years during a life with another you cannot remember the spindle of sun caught in an apologetic curtain the yawn of a plant growing the sympathies of the cement for the sky who say all the same back the naked nights that … Continue reading


it is hard and will only get harder but every day you must find beauty in the often overlooked things like a wooden cabinet flaking away onto packed undergarments as a lover once knew like a day’s unrolling tongue spent on the last subway home with a little bit of wine and a lot of … Continue reading

Mantra of art

The sun dies in the room when you block the window. I should have heard you come in, but I was writing a letter. Few things can disturb me in the mesmerisation of composition. It wasn’t so much the content, but the mantra of art. A writer who stops writing for anything else but more … Continue reading

An answer

Look. You’re okay. It’s just another rejection. Look. You’re okay. You’re still typing, still banging off on a keyboard. It’s got to mean something, particularly because you wrote the word meaning and that means something, right? You don’t know. But you’ve looked and you’re still here, wherever that is. You wish it were someplace else … Continue reading

Professional toiletry

I sometimes think that if the sun would explode, I wouldn’t notice. I’d just wake up like I always do with a grunt and a heavy hand hitting snooze. Another alarm would go off and another grumble would accompany it. We’d battle for the airwaves – an electronic cacophony and a Cro-Magnon vestigial etymology – … Continue reading